RAV4 rubber mat floor mat rubber front & rear front and rear set

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Shipped in 1-3 business days in Japan
Overseas shipped in 3-5 business days


✅[Australia Toyota genuine genuine genuine product]

Compatible model TOYOTA RAV4 50 series / Rubber mat for new / current cars since April 2019. All grades conformity
Australian Toyota genuine floor mat. Car accessories. Exclusive parts.

✅[I don't care anymore. Always clean your car]

Rubber mat 3 -piece set "driver seat", "passenger seat", "rear seat" Rubber mat that fits perfectly.
Since it is an Australian Toyota genuine product, it is an accessory part that does not have a lineup at Japanese dealers. A 3 -piece set that is not sold to Japanese dealers.

✅[Drive without worrying about mud dirt even when it rains]

It is a waterproof rubber and has a three -dimensional structure, so it is safe even in rain or bad weather.
Even if your child spills a drink, you can wipe it off quickly, so her father and mother are also safe.
If it gets dirty, rinse it with water and wipe it with a towel, so you can use it immediately without drying.

✅[Easy to fit your car, perfect fit]

Since it is a genuine rubber mat designed for car models, we promise a perfect fit.
Just lay it and put it in a dedicated hole (driver's seat). Immediately install and wear easily.

✅[Have a fun car life anytime, anywhere]

It is made of rubber (waterproofing) and has a three -dimensional structure, so it is useful without worrying about dirt inside the car during rain or bad weather.
For those who enjoy marine sports and winter sports. It suppresses snow and rain on the floor. Just wipe the cleaning, always clean and clean.

■ New RAV4 rubber mat exclusive design parts

■ Ideal for those who enjoy outdoors, marine sports, and winter sports.

Even if you spill juice in the car or drop food in a family with children, unlike a normal floor mat, it is easy to clean the mat with water!

Moreover, it has a nice border, so there is no need to worry about spilling.

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