Hilux GUN125 Flag Paulste antenna base

Sale price$279.00

Shipped in 1-3 business days in Japan
Overseas shipped in 3-5 business days


* Only antenna stay. (Flag pole is not included.)

✅[Compatible model]

Toyota Hilux GUN125 exclusive design
All grade conformity (including 2020 minor change)

LINE-X on the carrier, the rapter liner enforced vehicles will require the paint thickness and processing.

✅[Exclusive design]

It can be used not only as a flag pole stay of Firestik but also as a wireless antenna base.
Genuine optional hard tonocover and soft tonocover can also be installed at the same time!

✅[Material material]

Black color. Because the material uses iron, it is made of high durable.
The surface treatment adopts a cation -electroded paint, which is also constructed for genuine undercoat.

✅[Easy installation]

Since the screws already attached to the vehicle are used, there is no need to process drilling.
In addition, some double -sided tape is used as a blur while running.
The Aori side comes with a dedicated sheet for preventing scratches, so the vehicle does not cause scratches.

At the moment of installation, go to the overland style.

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