Hilux GUN125 Trinical Tonocover

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✅[Compatible model]
Toyota Hilux GUN125 exclusive design / Current since 2017
All grades (suitable after minor change)

✅[Tonocaver for Hilux dedicated]
Perfect size that can be made by dedicated design. Because it is a three -fold type, it can be adjusted depending on the size of the luggage. With a one -touch strap that can be fixed in full open, and an LED lighting that is convenient for nighttime use.

✅[A performance that does not change all the time]
Utilize the loading platform without being affected by the weather! At all closing, the cover will not be opened unless the rear gate is opened, so it is safe even in strong winds. For security measures and privacy protection. Also to prevent rust on the loading platform!

✅[Ponged with no processing / easy installation]
Just apply a clamp to the rail on the edge of the carrier. OK without processing on the body body! Simultaneous installation of the side gate protector and bed liner is OK without processing!

✅[Made by historic American manufacturers]
Rugged Liner is a popular pickup truck manufacturer that boasts a long history exporting from the United States to 70 countries around the world. With a one -year warranty for "Ladder Frame, a regular distributor of Japan".

■ Hilux GUN125 exclusive design parts

The battery for LED lighting is not included.
(CR2450 × 2 batteries used)

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