Shipping policy

This policy specifies the conditions for delivery of our products sold by the Company.

(Delivery of product)

1) If the customer purchases the product, we will deliver the product to the location specified by the customer separately (hereinafter referred to as the “delivery destination”).

(2) The Company may outsource the delivery specified in the preceding paragraph to a delivery company or other third party (hereinafter simply called a “delivery company”).

(Delivery time of product)

1. The Company shall carry out the delivery of the product to the delivery destination immediately after the purchase of the product is confirmed. In addition, it may take time to deliver depending on the business status, work status, weather, traffic status, delivery destination area, etc.

(2) Regarding the delay of delivery due to the reason specified in the following items, the Company is not liable for any damages even if the customer occurs, and refunds the price or other payment fee. Or, it is not responsible for reducing the amount.

An unusual traffic disorder that cannot be foreseen

2. Earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, storms, mountains collapsed, and other natural disasters

3. Operations, strikes, etc. of the delivery company or public transportation, etc.

(Delivery fee)

The customer shall pay the prescribed delivery fee specified by the Company as follows. However, this is not the case, especially if we pay for the shipping fee.

to be decided

(Handling when delivery is not completed)

1) If we cannot complete the delivery of the product due to the reasons specified in the following items, we will collect the product to the customer (including consignment to delivery companies, etc.). In addition, it shall be claimed, and that the contract about the product can be canceled at the discretion of the Company.

One delivery destination is absent and do not request redelivery within the storage period of the delivery company.

2. The information about the delivery destination is incorrect and cannot be delivered

3. Delivery destination rejects the receipt

(2) In the case of the preceding paragraph, the Company shall be able to claim the damages (including reasonable lawyer fees) to the customer in the event of damages.

(Delay / damage by delivery company, etc.)

(1) The Company shall not be liable for delays in delivery or damage to the product due to the reason for the delivery company's blame.

(2) In the event of a trouble or dispute with the delivery company, the customer shall resolve this at the responsibility and cost burden, and we do not have any obligation to involve the trouble or dispute. will do.

(Inquiries about delivery)

If we outsource delivery to the delivery company, please contact the delivery company directly for inquiries about delivery.

(Relationship with the Terms of Use)

One policy shall be part of the terms of use, and for matters that are not specified in this policy, the provisions of the Terms of Use shall be applied.

 If the provisions of this policy and the provisions of the terms of use are inconsistent, the provisions of this policy shall be applied with priority.

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