Outlander Bug Guard Bonnet Protector Exclusive Design Parts

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✅[Compatible model]

Mitsubishi Outlander / 2012-2021 * Compatible with GF, GG type (PHEV can be installed)

✅[Outlander -only bug guard]

The body part is very thick and firmly made. The end of the protector has an angle, so the flow of the wind changes considerably and the effect can be realized. The Japanese installation manual has been enclosed.

✅[Insective effect ant with the power of the wind]

The dirt when driving for a long time is clearly different! Because of the rectification effect, it is also effective for light rain and powder snow. Also to hide the wound at the tip of the hood by stepping stones.

✅[High quality acrylic is used for material]

A major car maker "TOYOTA (Toyota)", "Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi)", and "Honda (Honda)" are used, and high -strength acrylic, which has excellent impact resistance.

✅[Made of historic New Zealand]

AirPlex is an automotive accessory parts manufacturer that exports from New Zealand to the world and has a history of nearly 40 years.

■ Equipped with dress -up and practicality

Do you know where the driving car has the highest damage to stepping stones and insects?

If a stepping stone or insect hits, the wounds near the rising bumper or hood will be deeper than the smooth surface of the hood or body.
Once the scratched hood is left as it is, it can cause rust.

This "bug guard" is attached to the rising part of the hood, so that the important car is protected from scratches and dirt, and the direction of the wind while wearing parts changes, and the windshield dirt is reduced.


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